RFP Frequently Asked Questions

Would you consider applications from organizations interested in other types of evaluations?

This RFP is limited to organizations considering randomized-controlled trial (RCT) evaluations. But we’re happy to discuss other types of evaluations. Just email us info@economicmobilitycorp.org

Will you be issuing another RFP in the future?

Yes, we’d like to make this an ongoing opportunity. If you’d like to know when we issue a new RFP, just sign up for email updates on our homepage. www.economicmobilitycorp.org

If our main program goal is not one of the three in the RFP, can we apply? 

While this RFP is limited to employment, post-secondary education and asset/credit building, let us know what you’re interested in and maybe we can include it next time.

Do we need to have resources for an RCT evaluation to apply? 

No, that’s not our expectation. Of course, if you do you should note that in your application.

Can for-profits apply?

No, but if you’re interested in having your program evaluated, feel free to contact us.

What will the process be to identify the five organizations? 

We’ll review all of the proposals and select a group of finalists that meet all of the eligibility criteria and appear to have the performance, scale and capacity to succeed in this type of evaluation. We will then conduct telephone interviews with all finalists to select the five organizations.

If we’re selected, how soon will the assessment be completed?

Mobility will work with each organization to develop a timetable based on its needs and our capacity. Once organizations are selected, we expect to complete all of the assessments within four to six months.