About Us

We launched Mobility inspired by the fundamental belief that it is essential to develop effective policies and programs to enable the less-advantaged to succeed. There were times in our nation’s past where upward mobility was all but assured; each generation could count on doing better than their parents. Today, that dream seems more like a mirage for too many — for the first time since the Great Depression, American men earn less than their fathers’ generation.

Enabling people to reach their potential not only helps them as individuals, it enriches society as a whole. The challenge is to develop effective ways to support people on their journey. Although few programs have been able to demonstrate that they can make a real, lasting difference in people’s lives, there is considerable evidence that success is possible when careful attention is paid to program design and implementation.

Our thorough understanding of research, program practice and performance enable us to partner with government agencies, foundations, and nonprofit organizations to design and evaluate promising strategies to enable people to move up. We bring particular expertise to rigorous, random control trial evaluations — indeed the last five organizations we recommended undertake such evaluations have all demonstrated large, statistically significant earnings gains.

Expanding opportunity for the less-advantaged is among the most important responsibilities facing us as a nation. In order to make progress, we must pursue program innovation in a rigorous, disciplined manner that enables us to make honest assessments along the way. We look forward to sharing those lessons with you.

Mark Elliott