While the economic rewards for success in the United States are remarkable and growing larger by the year, the economic gap between the rich and poor is widening...

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Subsidized Employment Programs Show Promise

Mobility’s evaluation of five ARRA-funded subsidized employment programs documents substantial employment and earnings gains for participants, particularly the long-term unemployed. Employers also saw benefits to their bottom line and were eager to participate in similar programs in the future.

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A Promising Start coverMobility Releases A Promising Start

Mobility's evaluation of Year Up's innovative workforce program for young adults demonstrates that Year Up participants earned nearly $3500, or 30 percent more than members of a control group in their first year in the labor market.  Participants' earnings were driven by higher wages in the targeted sectors of information technology and investment operations.  The findings are among the most promising in the youth employment field in many years.

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Mobility's Work Featured in New York Times story on Year Up

Mobility's evaluation of Year Up was featured in the New York Times column Fixes. 

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Mobility Releases Major Report on Immigrants and Economic Opportunity

Sound Investments: Building Immigrants’ Skills to Fuel Economic Growth identifies innovative programs across the country that increase immigrants’ opportunities to move up.

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Report on Strengthening Correctional Education Released

The Working Poor Families Project (WPFP) has released a policy brief authored by Mobility staff that makes recommendations for improving correctional education policies and programs.

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A Song in the Front Yard cover A Song in the Front Yard

This report chronicles the many challenges addressed by nonprofits in the 741 Collaborative as they seek to improve the employment prospects of residents on Chicago's south side. Despite large public funding cuts, the Collaborative members persevered through one of the worst recessions in many years.

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Mark Elliott Presents at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Mobility President Mark Elliott was the featured speaker at an event hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank, the Local Initiatives Support Corporation and the Urban Institute focused on neighborhood employment in a decentralized metropolitan labor market.

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Growing Inequality in the United States

A recent article by Timothy Noah in Slate is an excellent primer on the causes of rising income inequality.  In the article Noah reports on most of the major research done on the topic and provides an overall assessment of the extent inequality has been affected by trends in organized labor, technology, tax policy and education among others.  In the end, Noah argues, responsibility lies with the federal government.

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Brookings Report on Economic Mobility

For more than two centuries, economic opportunity and the prospect of upward mobility have formed the bedrock upon which the American story has been anchored — inspiring people in distant lands to seek our shores and sustaining the unwavering optimism of Americans at home. From the hopes of the earliest settlers to the aspirations of today's diverse population, the American Dream unites us in a common quest for individual and national success. But new data suggest that this once solid ground may well be shifting. This raises provocative questions about the continuing ability of all Americans to move up the economic ladder and calls into question whether the American economic meritocracy is still alive and well.

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