Subsidized Employment Programs Show Promise

Mobility’s evaluation of five ARRA-funded subsidized employment programs documents substantial employment and earnings gains for participants, particularly the long-term unemployed. Employers also saw benefits to their bottom line and were eager to participate in similar programs in the future.

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Praise for Stimulating Opportunity

"Now, from the Economic Mobility Corporation (EMC), there's new evidence that these subsidized jobs programs did what they were supposed to do: help disadvantaged individuals during hard times to boost their incomes and improve their chances of finding unsubsidized jobs when the subsidized jobs ended."

La Donna Pavetti, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

"Stimulating Opportunity, a new report from the Economic Mobility Corporation, highlights the role subsidized employment programs can play in reconnecting long-term unemployed workers to the workforce."

Elizabeth Lower-Basch and Neil Ridley, Center on Law and Social Policy 

"An evaluation of susidized employment programs by the Economic Mobility Corporation found significant employment and earnings gains by long-term unemployed workers who participated in those programs."

John Irons and Abigail Carlton, The Rockefeller Foundation