Subsidized Employment Programs Show Promise

Mobility’s evaluation of five ARRA-funded subsidized employment programs documents substantial employment and earnings gains for participants, particularly the long-term unemployed.  Employers also saw benefits to their bottom line and were eager to participate in similar programs in the future.


Wounded Warriors Careers

Mobility partnered with the National Organization on Disability to develop the Wounded Warriors Careers demonstration, which provided intensive career planning, management and support to returning soldiers and their families.


Evaluation of LISC's Financial Opportunity Centers 

Mobility conducted an evaluation of the effectiveness of LISC's Financial Opportunity Center initiative in Chicago, which aimed to increase financial stability among low-income families by providing employment assistance, financial counseling and assistance accessing public benefits.


Implementation of the ACE Initiative

Mobility is working with nine community college/Worforce Investment Board partnerships across the country to improve opportunities for occupational training for lower-skilled and limited English proficient adults by helping them adapt Washington State’s highly-regarded Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I-BEST) Initiative.


Successful Approaches to Integrating Immigrant Workers

Mobility has published Sound Investments: Building Immigrants’ Skills to Fuel Economic Growth, a report that identifies innovative programs across the country that increase immigrants’ opportunities to move up.


Year Up Evaluation

Mobility has completed a small-scale random assignment evaluation of Year Up's innovative program for young adults. In Sustained Gains, we report that Year Up participants enjoyed substantial earnings gains over the three years in the labor market following the program.